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Scuola del Fare “Giulia Civita Franceschi”, Naples

Whoever leaves school oftentimes loses faith in himself and the future. The Scuola del Fare (literally the ‘School of Doing’) intends to be an opportunity for these young people to once again feel they are the protagonists of their own path. On the one hand, they acquire the technical skills needed to enter the world of work, and on the other, they experience human growth as people.

This is why the didactic curriculum of the school combines moments of professional training with a broad educational program of activities and projects beyond school itself.

Italian School Has a Great Issue. The Youths It Loses.

3.5 million students out 11 million, from age 14 to 18, have dropped out of high school over the last 20 years, in Italy (MIUR and OCSE data from 2018).

The research called “LOST. Scholastic Dispersion: the Cost for Collectiveness, the Role of Schools and the Third Sector”, promoted by WEWorld Intervista together with Association Bruno Trentin and the Giovanni Agnelli Foundation, estimates that “reducing scholastic dispersion to zero could impact the GDP from a minimum of 1.4% to a maximum of 6.8%”.

In ancient Greece school was the place where kids learnt to cooperate. On the contrary, modern school features what is technically called “positional competitiveness”: students compete to reach the highest position. The Scuola del Fare leans towards the cooperative model: while enhancing different capabilities and individual aptitudes it includes among its objectives that the whole class should reach an adequate threshold of knowledge and learning.

Our school intends to be an ‘inclusive school’, an innovative model capable of offering an opportunity even to the kids with whom traditional school failed.

We have found two professional fields in demand locally in Campania Region: automotive and logistics.

We intend to offer three year courses of professional training that guarantee, at the end of the course, graduation as:

  • Operator for repairs on motored vehicles;
  • Operator of logistic systems and services.

Regaining Trust in Studies and Work: Professional Training and More

To bring boys and girls back to their school desks and thus give them the opportunity to fulfil their latent potential, the Scuola del Fare has perfected an educational program that is aimed at professional training but is also open to a number of educational initiatives that put students in touch with worlds and responsibilities so far unknown to them. Exploring them will help shape their identity.

Education Provided

  • Selection of students who are motivated but feel they don’t belong to the traditional educational path: 400 hours hands-on workshop experience out of 1000 hours of teaching, and more than 100 students trained every 3 years;
  • Strong focus on the human growth of students who are constantly followed by a dedicated tutor: we welcome, accompany, value human beings;
  • Integration of education provided with courses beyond school hours, travel, visits to firms;
  • Easy access to the world of work through partnerships with local companies;
  • Special attention to specific and continuous training of teachers.

The Venue

  • 1200 square metres (approx. 13000 sq. feet), totally renovated, within the grounds of the Salesian (religious order) complex of via Don Bosco n.8 in Naples;
  • Spaces consistent with our educational project: educate through beauty;
  • 3.0 classrooms: inclusive and digital didactics;
  • Workshops with state of the art tools used for training in work environment.

A Team with Diverse Synergic Skills

  • CNOS-FAP/Salesiani for work: it has a multi-year, highly qualified training experience in Italy and abroad.
  • Foundation of the Comunità di san Gennaro Onlus: it enhances the cultural heritage of the Rione Sanità neighbourhood in Naples by investing in education and training.
  • Cometa Formazione: it supplies four year courses of education and professional training through a model where work becomes a training and educational opportunity.
  • IF – Imparare e Fare: it helps boys and girls from Naples who already work, but in marginalised circumstances, to start a business and start learning again.
  • Social Cooperative Il Millepiedi: it is engaged in the field of education, through the creation of aggregation activities for minors and teens locally present in the outskirts of Naples and its suburbs.
  • Foundation Alberto e Franca Riva Onlus: it supports training and educational activities in the Naples area to contrast social inequality.
Country: Italy
Started in: 2019
Location: Doganella, Napoli
Status: Ongoing